The Pyrodigital Firing System is used by the top Professionals worldwide...

The Pyrodigital Firing System and Show Director software have been used by more Winners in Fireworks Competitions Worldwide. Winners of the Montreal Competition using Pyrodigital and Show Director include: 19 Gold Jupiter, 9 Silver Jupiter, 7 Bronze Jupiter.

From world class displays, to the largest shows and live tours, to major theme parks, PYRODIGITAL FIRING SYSTEM has proven to be the most advanced, reliable and trusted firing system available.

Pyrodigital is installed in more Theme Parks Worldwide than any other system.
Disney Florida-California-Tokyo-Paris, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Sentosa...

Pyrodigital was the 1st. digital firing system and is still the most widely used
Firing System in the World.

Safe. Reliable. Consistent. Trusted. What you need in a firing system.




We are proud to announce that Atlas PyroVision is the winner of the Gold Jupiter
in the Montreal International Fireworks Competition 2012.
The 19th Gold Jupiter obtained with the Pyrodigital Firing System!
Designed and entirely simulated with Visual Show Director software.

United States Show - July 31, 2012
"Pyro Fantasia" ~ by Atlas PyroVision Productions

Golden Gate 75th Anniversary Show in San Francisco
PyroSpectaculars by Souza
Pyrodigital Firing System
Visual Show Director

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PyroDigital Firing Module. FM4-A

The new, improved & updated FM-4A looks the same, but the new circuitry incorporates sulfur resistant resistors, PLUS an epoxy undercoat over all the sensitive electronics in addition to the tough gel overcoat giving positive, secure DOUBLE protection to the already field proven design.  With it's 16 pole absolute positive disconnect, rotary shunt switch, high quality gold plated connectors throughout, and it's custom made, self extinguishing, rustproof, quality e-match connectors, the new FM-4A offers the best in quality & reliability. The 100% PD compatible FM-5, made in China under the direct supervision & quality assurance of Pyro Studios Asia, offers a new design incorporating simplified, but reliable safety shunting circuitry, and goes "old school" by replacing the surface mount electronics with robust "through hole" electronic components, similar to the original FM-3. Which FM is best for you?  Do you want the new, higher quality, Pyrodigital made FM-4A with all the problems eliminated, or try out the well proven, economical, but adequate quality FM-5?  Two great alternatives, the choice is up to you.


PyroStudios Wireless Pyrodigital Network Interface

The wireless network interface allows you to easily create a wireless communication network between a Pyrodigital pyrotechnic controller and remote locations. The wireless network interface acts as a “virtual XLR cable” and can work in configurations as simple as a single base transceiver and a single remote transceiver, all the way up to 7 base transceivers and 896 remote transceivers operating on 7 different channels and in distances of up to 1.5 km between locations using the supplied 5dbi omni directional antennas.

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Power pack transceiver Wireless Unit

PyroStudios Iso Boost

ISO-BOOST Pyro studios' Iso-Boost is the latest offering in our line of Pyrodigital-compatible hardware. The Iso- Boost is powered by Pyro Studio's battery pack and provides 2500 Volts Rms of complete isolation between its input and its optically-isolated output. The Iso-Boost also outputs full firing power levels to all the FM's connected to its output, thus allowing usage with extremely long cables runs of lower cost, light gauge cable. The Iso-Boost also re-conditions the digital signals passing through it, is completely transparent to the user, and adds no latency to the signal whatsoever. • Boost the voltage levels to full firing power allowing the use of extremely long cable runs of lower cost, lighter gauge high quality shielded twisted pair XLR cables. • Create isolated sections of a show network to avoid system-wide faults in the case of a catastrophic failure or system short (such as a cable burning, for instance). • An operator can turn the battery pack "off" to shut down a section of the show, whilst the rest of the show keeps on firing. Can be extremely useful when the main panel operator doesn't have direct line of sight over the whole show setup. • Regenerate a weak signal at the end of extremely long cable runs



PyroStudios Firing Module. FM5

The Pyro Studios FM-5 Firing Module, endorsed by Pyrodigital Consultants, Inc., is 100% compatible with all Pyrodigital (PD) FM-3 and FM-4 Firing Modules, designed in the same physical package size as the PD original FM-3. The PS (Pyro Studios) FM-5 uses "thru hole" electronic components for enhanced reliability, includes dual daisy chain XLR's, and incorporates a simplified, less expensive, shunt switch arraignment. (Assembled in China vs USA-made)



PD FM Reader-Tester


Designed to allow a safer and user friendly method of determining the condition / state of a PD firing module. It will locate the address setting and show the status of the pins that are connected to the module being tested.

PORTABLE TESTING Compact, lightweight and capable of one handed operation makes it ideal for quick determination of a firing module's condition in the field. It is the perfect device to test Firing Modules and igniters connections in remote site locations, without the need of carrying or using a PD Field Controller. The operator can check immediately and easily the installation after the wiring work is finished. It will also allow an estimation of a module's health by measuring the amount of power that is being consumed. This makes it an indispensable tool in the shop for maintenance and assessment of your equipment.
SAFE OPERATION There is built in current limiting on the outputs going to the module under test to limit the accidental discharge of igniters for first fault conditions. It is powered by an easily replaceable and widely available 9V battery.
SCRIPTS DOWNLOAD In addition to testing firing modules individually, the reader is also capable of containing the firing scripts of up to 8 tables of 2500 cues for comparison, viewing and loading into PD Field Controllers. These scripts can be downloaded with Show Director / Visual Show Director from a computer or uploaded from a PD Field Controller in to the reader. The utility of loading the scripts allows multiple larger scripts to be loaded into the reader and then later downloaded in the field in addition to a computer

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